A curious girl

Hello, it’s me

For a long while I have been wondering how to go about this. You’d think that after studying for what seemed like an eternity would allow you to just leap out and express yourself. But the mere fact that this is the all important first entry suddenly makes it a really daunting task. I keep hearing that inner voice say, this is the introduction, the first thing they’ll hear about you. What will they think? Will it be interesting? After they read this, will they come back?

And then suddenly I remember that everyone reading this today are people who already care about me. Perhaps not every single thing about me, but certainly the important aspects that make up who I am.

A colourful journey

It’s been a rather colourful journey. Colourful because I never found just one thing and zoomed in on that. Instead, I have found many things that I love, not that I was particularly good at them all, but I certainly was passionate about them.

So I sit and gather my thoughts, I reflect on conversations I’ve had with loved ones, new friends, strangers, and not-friends (the not-friends are the people we don’t like so much or who don’t like us so much – it’s life so we politely, and with the utmost diplomacy, make the most of everyone and everything we get in it, right?). Right.

Okay, where were we? Ah yes, the colourful journey and passions learned along the way.

I want to share my journey and have you be a part of it, because you are.

Enthusiastically sharing

In my travels, my love for movement, enjoying beauty and sharing it all is something I can’t help but do. If I find an amazing way to prepare a specific food, the first thing I want to do is tell everyone I know about it. The benefits, the advantages, what it’s going to improve and that they should definitely try it (with overwhelming enthusiasm of course).

That definitely carries through to little beauty discoveries, whether they are make-up based or something I literally experimented with in a kitchen or bathroom. I say ‘a’ and not ‘my’ because I have been a bit of a gypsy, living out of a suitcase for so so long…

Speaking of suitcases, travels and journeys I am starting a really special one soon. A yoga journey!

A quick balance in a little nook somewhere in the south of France.

About a yoga journey

Yoga has been in my life for a number years now so I was very nervous and excited about the idea of becoming a yoga teacher. Some people in my life laughed at my own surprise when I arrived at this ‘decision’. One friend even mockingly told me, ‘Really? That’s so surprising. I never thought you’d go that way… (Eyes rolling)’. I suppose it was obvious, but underneath it all I can be quite shy. And so it was not so obvious to me at first. Although, I have realised that I also can’t help but share everything that I learn about an exercise, stretch or yoga movement to anyone that will listen, for as long as I can remember. Even my almost-80-year-old granny!

And now that I have been accepted into the yoga teacher training course, and have begun with some preparation, I have the intention to mark my progress along the way. What has become habit for me is to continually make little improvements or tweaks here and there, so that I can become a more effective human being.

I can try and find a poetic way to say that, but I don’t want the crux of the matter to be lost in a collection of cleverly arranged words. I absolutely want to improve myself more and more. I find purpose in that.

Join in on my yoga journey and the wellness hacks that get me there!

The little things

In our lives and for me personally, the smaller changes or little tweaks are the ones that have been most helpful. The most manageable over the long term. The most rewarding. The most beautiful. So I will be including my little finds along the way.

Please look forward to and even expect to find a lot of these little finds that I have experimented with and tweaked so that you don’t have to. I hope you may find some of them as useful as I have, and that you can integrate them in your life easily too. I love the ease of them because as life has it today, we’re always on the go.

On y va !

Now it’s easy to see how I got started on the mixed beauty, because it’s a mix of all the little beauties that make living and sharing in life more meaningful.

The next post

The elusive handstand… Will I ever be able to hang out upside down?

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  1. Faith Newat

    Aug 28, 2017 at 12:22 pm

    Love love love, double thumbs up!!!

    1. René Joy

      Aug 29, 2017 at 1:47 pm

      Thank you so, so much for reading my post and for the fabulous comment!!
      🙂 🙂

  2. Su

    Sep 4, 2017 at 8:09 pm

    Yeah…..I’m so excited to be part of this journey….this is amazing…so inspiring..looking forward to what’s to come!

    1. Rene Joy

      Sep 5, 2017 at 8:29 am

      Thank you so much, Su. It’s going to be an adventure, indeed!

      I’m posting again soon 😉

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