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Shut Up & Write Fribourg

I started organising a regular writing event right here in the heart of Fribourg. So I don’t know how it had never been obvious to me before, but here I am at the realisation that I need to do a blog post about it. The concept was created by the world-reknown organisation “Shut Up & Write!”. Here are the details of our weekly writing session.


Fribourg writer’s meet-up: What is this rude place that tells us to Shut Up?

Well, the concept is based on the collective energies of fellow writers that come together around a table – usually at a coffee shop – and write for an hour. We arrive a few minutes early, catch up, introduce ourselves to new comers and then we start the timer for 60 minutes of writing. No editing, no research, just going with our thoughts and writing.

Writing efficacy

And it is super-effective. For myself, personally, I usually get an idea and before I even begin to write I fall into this research hole. I would spend so much time on research for fear of writing something untrue, that by the time I have to write my energy has already been depleted! That has ended. And let me tell you, it has been a productive move. I’m not saying that I have quit the habit of backspacing while typing – I don’t like typos – but I now go with my major instincts and just write write write. And this is how I produce my work now.

After I have written my heart out, I then go back later that day or the next day to read through what I produced to see if it made any sense. (I’m happy to report that it does!). Next, I go ahead and cross-reference my work, make sure that I didn’t misunderstand an idea or concept, I insert my reference links and quotes and get down and dirty in the editing process which is followed by the proofreading process.

I find that this new group – since Oct – I’ve formed in Fribourg has given me an energy that I cannot really describe. You’re there, working on your thing, and everyone sitting around you also is. No one is giving anyone else advice, critiquing or challenging anyone else’s ideas. They’re all there to work on their goodies. Coming together and focussing on that for the solid 60 minutes allocated gives us a goal to work to. One hour of writing. So it’s a change from the hypocrisy we usually face when we are on our own. I personally love working alone at home, however, I’d be lying if I said I never delayed from time to time because there was other “important” things I just quickly needed to do first.

Focus with other writers

So I come here, I say my hellos to everyone, I check in guests, regulars, myself, and then we work. And the energy just hums around us.

I’m so appreciative to the people who have created this concept because it is wonderful. You get to meet other like-minded people and share the space with them, yet, you still have this feeling of solitude. And this is something unique. I don’t think you would get the same experience if it was happening with a different group. Writers understand the importance of just being left to write for a focussed period of time. And here, we get to do it alongside one another.

Place: when and where we put pen to paper

So where does it all happen? Technically all over the world and probably every single day. On the meetup app alone there are 233 groups and counting. When I initialised the Fribourg writers group, we were just under 200 groups. Two months later and there are already more than thirty additional groups. Within this organisation there are in excess of 50 000 writers.

Fribourg Shut Up & Write
Shut Up & Write! Starbucks Fribourg FR

Our weekly meet-up event details

Our new group meets up every Thursday at 10h10 at the Starbucks right next to Fribourg station. We started as four. 3 gals and 1 guy. And we are growing slowly and steadily. I’m writing to you at our first session for the month of December and we are currently 6 seated at the big wooden table, centre of Starbucks. Most of us have plugged into our playlist already and I am no exception. My head is bopping away gently to my own smart playlist as I write you my story.

Useful links

Will you be sitting next to me next week? I certainly hope so!

One of our writers here today has a website focussed on other doctoral candidates. She has been kind enough to include us in her work by creating a blog post about what we do. Take a look at it here.

I’ll check back in with all of you beauties at the start of next year, with some very cool updates. Until then, I wish you a fabulous holiday season.

René xxx
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    This is so awesome. Proud of you sisipoo

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