A word on noise pollution

Is it noisy in here, or is it just me?

Last week I shared a scrub recipe that focussed on relaxing the body and the mind with it’s simple yet special ingredients. To take relaxation and de-stressing further let’s turn our attention to today’s subject, noise pollution.

Hands up if you’ve heard any of these before:

  • When I eat good, I feel good
  • When I look good, I feel good
  • When I think good, I do good

These are common phrases we come across, which either make us ponder or roll our eyes and get on with our day.

Does it really matter?

In short, yes. Whether it’s on the surface or deep down.

If I don’t already know how you got here (maybe you’re a new reader, in which case, Welcome! Thank you!), perhaps I do know that you’ve somehow landed on this page because you too are on a journey to a simpler and more effective approach to your very own life.

Whatever your current circumstance or geographic location is, take a moment to realize that you do actually appreciate life and all its sources. If you didn’t, neither you or I would be searching for ways to do life better. More consciously if you will.

Therefore, the opinion you have of yourself does matter because it affects the way you treat not only others, but above all, yourself.

Learning and adjusting

When you can’t turn off the noise in your head and the world, everything seems too loud. It’s a tricky balance to maintain – “feel good, do good”. Yet, getting to the point where it all works harmoniously together is realistically achievable. Like all the little tweaks and ideas that’s been posted here so far. Yes, in this part of my life I am on a yoga journey, however, I wouldn’t be here if not for these very adjustments I’ve made over the years.

They’re all meant to be small and adaptable changes so there is less overwhelm in life. Enter noise pollution.

What is noise pollution?

Put simply it’s this:

It’s a noise! And it’s distracting!

Really, it’s any unwanted sound and can be as subtle as a clock ticking, the hum of an aeroplane inflight or the day to day background humming of office chatter and phones ringing, loud cars speeding off or, dogs relentlessly barking while you’re working on deadline. Anything that distracts or disturbs a task you’re working on.

In addition, there’s also the buzz inside your head, the many ideas and options you can’t get clear about. These constant thoughts add stress and work against finding stillness in a busy world.

Noise pollution in context

One thing to note is that noise pollution is subjective and so consideration should be given to that. What I mean is that it can be different for everybody. Another aspect is that sometimes it’s difficult to detect or easily overlooked. We get accustomed to the humming of an aircraft inflight because we are sitting there for hours on end. Or we don’t necessarily pay attention to birds singing or music playing because it’s an extension of our daily environment.

As for internal noise, it’s working through the many simultaneous thoughts we have while managing everything around us. In the end, it all contributes to the energy it takes us to perform a given task.

If we don’t pay close attention to what we expose ourselves to here, we could be left feeling drained. So let’s get back harmony…

Trying to find your inner zen

Hint: it’s not something to be “found”

Okay, this is not an overnight challenge or quick route to inner zen. Plain black and white – it does take time. However, the start is really simple.

Ask yourself, “What do I have now?”

Not in 5 minutes. Not 5 steps away, later on or, next month.

You have you. I have me. And I can breath. So I take a slow, sure, deep breath in and exhale the same way. I do it again. Now you try. Breathing in and out through the nose only. The trick here is to focus on your breathing until the end of the second exhale.

If that’s all you can do today, that’s okay.

Scientific research shows that taking two breaths can quiet the mind since it triggers the parasympathetic system. This is what we want because when this is triggered, the heart rate slows down and our thoughts pause for a moment.

Sometimes we need an ‘average’ moment to take it all in.

What are the benefits?

Being aware of noise pollution and what we expose our senses to is the first step. Taking a break to do so gives us a chance to regroup. Once we go back out into life we have the energy to appreciate whatever version of greatness is out there for us. For me it’s doing this – talking and writing to you. And I benefit hugely from stopping everything in order to take two breaths.

Taking two breaths to return positive energy

Performing this short exercise will give you a chance to recharge. If your world is getting too loud and busy, here’s what you should know:
Every human is entitled to a private moment.

I can’t believe I only learned this little fact a couple years ago!

So my beauty, as my grandmother once told me, even if all you can do in a moment of madness is find a toilet stall you can go lock yourself in, go do it. Take a minute to stand behind that door and just shut off your senses for 2 minutes.

If it’s a public toilet, it may be a bit tricky to achieve! 🙂

But seriously, that’s just an example. I’m talking broom cupboards, the laundry room, the moment you close the shower taps after your shower, you get the point. Sometimes, we just need a moment without anyone, without any music, or any electronic devices and in that very moment, take those two vital breaths.

Food for thought

Think about it. Doing this one little thing gives us the capacity to manage everything else at a higher level of efficacy or, for the very least, less likely to snap at something/some poor unsuspecting being.

And it’s just the beginning of effectively cutting through the noise. There are other ways, namely meditation. For example, my world and the perception of my world has completely changed once I adopted this precious time out for myself. Since starting, it’s alerted me to a host of aspirations which previously eluded me.

Up next on the agenda

I really hope that you have found benefit in today’s topic. The next post will feature a little play time; yoga progress. But if you have strong thoughts on seeing some more meditation and quiet options first, drop me a line.

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  1. Bevan

    Oct 16, 2017 at 10:14 pm

    Thanks Rene. Always a pleasure to read your posts. You have a gift with words and your teachings are highly effective. Thank you ????

    1. Rene Joy

      Oct 17, 2017 at 8:20 am

      Bevan, thank you so much! It’s a profound motivation to receive replies like these. Certainly the praise warms my heart, but that you can find value in these posts, now that’s gold. Thank you again.

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