Going Solo

For those starting out in yoga, but still do not have the time to join a studio, this video has a great explanation for the do’s and don’ts of Sun Salutations. In a studio class environment you’re very likely to begin with a few rounds of Sun A and B. If you have no idea what I am talking about, this one’s for you: click here.

After becoming familiar with the movements, progress to the next video where you can practice the correct movements for Sun B.

Practicing Sun A and B is a really great way to gently and effectively get our bodies to wake up, move around and get into the motion of a progressive yoga flow.

If none of the above is news to you, keep reading… 🙂

I want more

First practice video: Step by Step

Okay here’s more! A standing sequence based on the foundation of Ashtanga is an awesome flow to follow. This video is just under 30 minutes and is a real treat for those practitioners who are on the move a lot and just can’t spare enough time to dash off to a studio for practice.


But please only try this one if you already have a steady self-practice. The demonstration of the cobra position has quite a deep back bend, and if you are not familiar with how to modify the movement into pulling cobra or another softer variation, an injury could occur.

If you’re somewhere in between starting out and getting confident in your practice, all is not lost! I have a great app that I am going to share with you!

Take it wherever you go

Try this yoga studio app at home, when you’re traveling, or when you just want to practice quietly by yourself. You can even try out this video first, and see whether this is the kind of yoga app you’d like. Feel free to change up the speed play once you become familiar with the sequence.

Should you like the style, they have a free 30 day trial. In any case, it’s not expensive to purchase and the great thing is that they have a host of choices, from flexibility classes to strength, and varying difficulty levels too.

In addition, they also offer quick sessions for those running out of time (10 minute classes), and longer classes for when we have that extra time (1hour classes).

This is what to expect inside the app:

And they show you how to add it to your calendar, so you get a little nudge to make time for yoga – You’re welcome 😉

Start practicing yoga at home now

The Free stuff

Link to the app with free trial click here.

But I prefer following along with Simon Borg-Olivier

Only you can choose who you love practicing with so…

In case you still prefer to stick to Simon’s nerve-lengthening series, this is the link I added inside one of my older posts. It will take you to the playlist of quick demonstration videos of Simon teaching the various elements of the nerve lengthening series: Spinal Movement Playlist

Practice with Simon

And for a full class – 1.5 hours long – Practice with Simon here.

Remember to share your progress and thoughts with me. In this way I know which sequences to share next!

And don’t forget to practice on a fairly empty stomach – at least two hours without eating heavily before practice.

Namasté everyone 🙂

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