Yoga Studio Etiquette

Ready to venture to the studio?

Group practice

So you’re ready for more? Because in today’s post we’ll explore the benefits of practice at a yoga studio, and why it is going to improve the home practice you have been working on with Gaiam’s Yoga Studio app.

3 core reasons to try group practice

  • Synchronised breathing and movement
  • Sharing energy with everyone around you can be very empowering
  • Forgetting the rest of the world while you’re inside that room

Because for that 1 hour nothing else matters, and sometimes that’s all we need to kickstart or quiet the mind, in order to approach a problem in a new way.

It’s also a great place to not worry about judgement, un-think, and play!

Many of us have already incorporated breathing exercises into our everyday lives, but group breathing exercises guided by a qualified teacher is something so intangible.

You just have to experience it for yourself.

When you go back to your own self-practice you take that energy with you and it somehow deepens your own practice.

Guided Asana

The asana also changes because you have your teacher’s voice and guidance when you enter or fall out of a pose. “If you fall out get back in again, we still have 15seconds”, I recall a teacher saying…

A guided practice is also just that, a guide. You listen carefully for the words that come and tell you which move you’ll make next, whether that is to cartwheel your hands to the floor and go through a vinyasa or to walk your feet to the top of your mat.

This is also the place where you will be guided on variations of poses. Whether you’re new or progressing, there’s a pose adjustment just for you. And remember, you’ll reap the rewards of the posture no matter which version you opt for.

Just stay true to your body’s needs. Some days we can do a lot, and sometimes we need to move more gently.

When it comes to playtime, I really squeal like a child. I have so much fun during balances, plus I feel less scared because I know that if I follow the instructions and my teacher is close by, I’ll be okay.

This is the place to make mistakes and to be adjusted if necessary. So you see, this is a safe place.

For those who have been benefiting from the home videos and Yoga Studio app, that’s great! Maybe now it’s time to change it up a bit and when you do self-practice in between, I just know you will deepen your practice.

First time at a studio and don’t know what to do? No problem!

What to take to the studio

  1. Your mat (or be prepared to rent one in-studio)
  2. 2 towels: one for your mat and one for the shower
  3. A change of clothes – you don’t want to leave a hot yoga studio without a shower or at least changing after class
  4. A non-noisy water bottle filled with still water
  5. Easy on and off shoes


Yoga Studio Do’s and Don’ts

Early Mornings

Class at first light? Half a banana or our trusty honey lemon tonic before leaving home will do.

Have a fruit on the ready for after class.

And drink plenty of fluids after class in small increments.

Another handy tip after practice: it’s a great time to start meditation. If you usually find sitting still difficult, then all the movement of class will help your mind and body desire the quiet.

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